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Mama Bear

Dummy Clip - Blush Avo

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Dummy Clips are made from 100% Quality Cotton fabrics.  Fasteners are nickel and lead-free with plastic inserts to protect clothing.  Matching KAM Snaps - making them very stylish & secure. 

Approximately 23cm long x 2cm wide. (Dummy not included). 

Please note that dummy clips are not toys - they should not be mouthed or chewed by babies, are to be used under adult supervision only.

HANDMADE by Mama Bear - Australia

Cleaning Instructions

Dummy Clips, can be hand-washed or spot-cleaned with warm water & mild soap. Absorb the majority of remaining water with a towel and be sure to dry the metal clip thoroughly, (or rust may result depending on water quality). Lay cleaned clips on a towel, keep the metal clip open and allow to air dry completely. Do not soak in water.  *Remember: Never put in a dishwasher, dryer, or microwave to clean and/or sanitise & inspect Dummy Clips regularly to ensure there is no damage, resulting in a safety hazard.