Feeding Set - Light Grey/Blue | Bella Zailea



Bella Zailea's Collection of Silicon suction bowls & Scoop Bibs making mealtimes that little bit easier!

What's included in this set:

1 x Light Grey/Blue Silicone bowl: has a suction base that will keep it in place on almost any surface. The curved lip allows the matching spoon to be leveled off before it’s brought to the mouth, meaning less mess! 

1 x Ether Scoop Bib:  Bella Zailea's scoop bibs are a generous size and feature a wide scoop bottom to collect the food that doesn’t get eaten, saving it from falling on your child’s clothes or the floor! From there you can tip it into the bin/compost, the dog’s bowl, or just let them go for round 2 and attempt to eat it again!

2 x Silicone Spoons:  Starting solids is a breeze with Bella Zailea's silicone spoons! Soft on little gums and new teeth but sturdy enough to last through 1000 games of ‘here comes the aeroplane’, you and your babe are sure to love them! Spoons come in a 2 pack so you’ll always have one ready to go! Dishwasher safe.

This listing is from our 'Ready-to-go' Collection, posted within 72 hours once ordered.