Silicone Scoop Bib | Ether - Bella Zailea

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Whether you choose baby-led weaning or purées to feed your child, one thing is for certain - it’s gonna get messy! Spitting up food, exploring textures, and things not quite making it to their mouth is inevitable.. but with Bella Zailea's silicone scoop bibs, a huge mess doesn’t have to be!

Scoop bibs are a generous size and feature a wide scoop bottom to collect the food that doesn’t get eaten, saving it from falling on your child’s clothes or the floor! From there you can tip it into the bin/compost, the dog’s bowl, or just let them go for round 2 and attempt to eat it again!

To clean - simply rinse with warm water & dish soap and leave to air dry! If you’re out & about, a baby wipe or cloth will also do the trick.