Mum & Bub Giftbox

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Giftset Includes: 

1 x Snuggle Hunny Milk Short Sleeve Bodysuit

1 x Belly Mask -Celebrate your mum tum with this super nourishing, skin loving belly mask by Madre. Lovingly crafted using natural hydrating and firming ingredients, this mask contains synergistically natural ingredients that can assist with improving your skin elasticity whilst also promoting collagen growth and repair. Perfect for use both during and after your pregnancy, the ingredients in this Belly Mask can help with minimising and softening stretch marks as your belly changes shape, and helps to soothe inflamed marks on your skin.

1 x Blossom & Pear 'Hello World' Wooden Plaque

1 x Teething Ring - Both the untreated wood and 100% cotton fabrics are safe for chewing.

1 x  Gift Card & Gift Box - Ready for Gifting!