Wooden Baby Milestone Collection - Set of 14



Set of 14 individual 10cm discs.

  • Hello World
  • Pure Magic
  • One Month
  • Two Months 
  • Three Months
  • Four Months
  • Five Months
  • Six Months
  • Seven Months
  • Eight Months
  • Nine Months
  • Ten Months
  • Eleven Months
  • One Year

Documenting your sweet babe's milestones has never been easier (or more adorable)! Blossom& Pear's Etched Wooden Baby Milestone Collection is an easy and beautiful way for parents to capture each precious moment.

This collection has been thoughtfully designed with versatility in mind. We suggest using them to document your pregnancy (using months 1 - 9), as well as baby's first year!