Giftbox - Botanica

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Giftset Includes:

1 x Mini Lambie - These unique, HANDMADE chenille snugglies are sure to become a favourite. Lambies are made from 100% cotton fabrics and no sew-on embellishments, so beautifully safe for babies. (Approx 21cm tall) Due to fabric shortages due to COVID, Lambies paws & ears may be pale grey spot, not sage stripe as shown - still a gorgeous soft tone.

1 x 0-6mth Bib - HANDMADE from 100% quality cotton fabrics, backed with thick absorbent towelling (designed for those teething dribbles) topstitched for style & durability & snap closure. 

1 x set Mouse Moccasins (Sized to fit up to 6mths). Gorgeous Farmyard moccasins are lovely and soft, and a buckle strap with velcro, makes them easy to fit on and take off.

1 x Gift Card & Giftbox - Ready for Gifting! 

Lambie & Bib Handmade - By Team Mama Bear in Parkes (Australia)